9oz Paper Hot/Cold Cups (240/cs)

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PC09- (10/24's per case)
5.00 LBS
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We offer a color assortment of disposable paper hot/cold cups. Disposable hot/cold cups are convenient and affordable for any occasion.

Note: Disposable items cannot be returned.

Product Details:

  • Available in 20 solid colors. (Note: Pictures may not represent colors accurately)
    • PC09-BK black.jpg   PC09-BL blue.jpg   PC09-BU burgundy.jpg   PC09-CH chocolatebrown.jpg   PC09-CG citrusgreen.jpg  
      PC09-MT metallicgold.jpg   PC09-GR green.jpg   PC09-HY harvestyellow.jpg   PC09-IV ivory.jpg   PC09-LB lightblue.jpg  
      PC09-LV lavender.jpg   PC09-NB navyblue.jpg   PC09-PK pink.jpg   PC09-PR purple.jpg   PC09-RD red.jpg  
      PC09-SV metallicsilver.jpg   PC09-TL teal.jpg   PC09-TG tangerine.jpg   PC09-WH white.jpg   PC09-YL yellow.jpg  
  • Disposable Paper Hot/Cold Cups.
  • Volume: 9oz
  • 10 packages of 24 hot/cold cups, 240 total cups per case.


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