About Us


At CustomCaterware.com, we realize the importance of name recognition in the food service industry.  This is why we came up with a creative idea for cost effective marketing.  By imprinting your custom name, logo or slogan on caterware you will be advertising your business while servicing your customer’s needs at the same time.  Our products are high-quality plastic serving utensils that can be reused, but are also priced low enough to be considered disposable as well. Whether you are a catering company, pizzeria, small business owner or salesman you can benefit from our CustomCaterware.com products. Think of it as a way of advertising daily without saying a word. Instead of passing out a business card at your next tradeshow why not pass out a spatula or serving spoon with your business information.  Now, not only are you marketing your business, you are actually giving something useful to your future customer and every time they use that item they are reminded of you and your company – voilà instant name recognition .

We pride ourselves in providing quality products, at the right price with exceptional customer service to answer any questions you may have. Please let us know if there is any way we can assist you and your business.