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Silver Look Heavy Duty Plastic Silverware (600/cs)

  • B830 Reflections Silver Look Cutlery
  • B830F-SV Reflections Silver Look Forks
  • B830K-SV Reflections Silver Look Knives
  • B830SS-SV Reflections Silver Look Soup Spoons
  • B830S-SV Reflections Silver Look Spoons
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Product Description

Ideal for:

Premium Silver Look Cutlery are full-size to reflect real flatware. Strong enough for the heaviest presentations.
Premium, silver look product adds perceived value. Contemporary design for a sophisticated look.
Designed for precise food handling.

Product Details:

Item # B830F-SV (Forks)
  • Length 7 inches
  • 600 pieces per case
Item # B830K-SV (Knives)
  • Length 7 1/2 inches
  • 600 pieces per case
Item # B830S-SV (Spoons)
  • Length 6 1/4 inches
  • 600 pieces per case
Item # B830SS-SV (Soup Spoons)
  • Length 5 3/4 inches
  • 600 pieces per case
Reflections Heavy Duty Stainless Steel look Silverware.
Looks like permanent ware, and is reusable. 
Recyclable Plastic.

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Unless otherwise indicated, all orders made through this Website are non-refundable.

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  state and/or local sales tax for any order. Tax exempt organizations must submit a current copy of certificate of exemption
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