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What our customers are saying

You make us look good 

Posted by Deborah Kirkland, Director of Marketing & Franchise Support for Fresher Brands Mgmt on 3rd Oct 2017

Having the custom tongs and other items we have ordered has made our catering displays look awesome. Your product has made us look good. I'm so glad we found you.

10/04/2017 CustomCaterware response:
And thank you for finding us, and for trusting us to fulfill your request. Would love to see a photo of these items in one of your catering displays, and add it to your testimonial!


We love our products 

Posted by Deborah Kirkland, Director of Marketing & Franchise Support for Fresher Brands Mgmt on 3rd Oct 2017

We have been very pleased with the items we have received. We love being able to have our logo out there when doing catering.

10/04/2017 CustomCaterware response:
Thanks for providing your feedback Deborah - we are very encouraged to know that our products are bringing such value to your business!


The logo offsets them nicely 

Posted by Toby Larsen, Owner D'Angelo's Italian Restaurant on 23rd May 2017

Not as large or as sturdy as I would have liked, but it will work as a fundraiser giveaway.

05/24/2017 CustomCaterware response: Thank you for your candid review; we are happy to know that these will work for the purpose you intended. For a larger, more sturdy Ladle, you might consider our SPLD11, which is an 11 1/2in 3oz Premium Nylon Ladle.


Lettering could be greatly improved 

Posted by Robert Abesamra, Owner Chefs of the Old World Caterers on 12th August 2014

The tongues were very good quality, however the white lettering came off after only one use. To clarify, the letters that were under the guests thumb came off. Not all the letters. Maybe a better ink would be the answer. We had hoped to leave our name in a customers kitchen draw as advertising.

09/01/2014 CustomCaterware response:
Thank you for your feedback - we sincerely regret that you had this experience. We have addressed and solved this problem by modifying our process on this particular utensil; the plastic is slightly different than all other utensils. The solution was to add a special prep to the surface so that the ink would adhere. We hope the replacements have arrived, and that you are completely satisfied with the quality of the print.


Referral discount 

Posted by Natalie, Real Estate Agent for Tittle Realty on 23rd Oct 2013

Thank you for your gift of appreciation for referring a friend. It was super easy to refer a company that provides quality products, reasonable prices and great customer service. We look forward to using your company every year! Natalie

10/24/2013 CustomCaterware response: Thank you for choosing us to be your source for this area of need for your business!


Just Perfect

Posted by C & Z, Event Planner & Catering Director on 24th Aug 2012

Las Vegas Ice Center hosts 400+ parties and events each year. Our goal was to make the birthday parties less stressful on the Party Parents by offering everything they might need, including Cake Cutters. This product was just perfect. We will definitely keep coming back to Custom Caterware!


Best price I found 

Posted by Peggy W. of Savanah Woods Plantation on 11th Oct 2012

We have been ordering these tumblers for over seven years for our wedding business. Custom Caterware has the best price out there for them. The tumblers can be a little flimsy, but we still love them.


So happy with the product 

Posted by Natalie, Real Estate Agent for Tittle Realty on 31st Oct 2012

So happy with the product we're ordering them again this year! Super easy to order online, received just as I was quoted and the quality is good too. Received numerous compliments - I'm sure it's because the quality is good and the print job looked sharp. Thank you Custom Caterware! Natalie


I was fortunate to find your company 

Posted by Emily on 23rd Apr 2013

I searched the internet like crazy to fine an affordable company that offered custom printing on service utensils since I wanted pie servers as my wedding favours. I also wanted a company that allowed me to have a smaller minimum order. Most companies offered minimums of 300 pieces - which is way more than I needed. I was fortunate to find your company. The 144 pieces is still larger than we need, but it's better than 300.



Posted by Jan Lucas, owner Lucas Catering on 5th Jun 2013

I ordered 7in Clear Plastic Salad Plates for a wedding and was not disappointed with the price or the plates. We used the plates for the appetizers, Salad and the smores bar. Will order again. We also use Sam's Club clear plastic forks that match the plates. Thank you, Custom Caterware Lucas Catering - Tastefully Seasoned from Family Recipes


Great product at a great price

Posted by Jim, Mad Anthony Lake City Tap House and Catering on 25th April 2014

This is the first time we have ordered from custom caterware. Great products, fast shipping, will definitely order from them again.